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PURPOSE with Kenny Wilkerson (Full Episode)

In this episode Kenny "The Rocker" Wilkerson describes his journey into music and joining the band NOVA REX. A native of Indiana he moved to Los Angeles briefly after high school, came back to Indiana and then him eventually moving to Florida lead him to meeting the members of Nova Rex a band he would eventually join. 35 years later he is still rocking out touring. He recently released a cookbook called Rockin Recipes for Autism, his son who has autism inspired the book. Proceeds go to WE ROCK FOR AUTISM which is a 501c3 charity. The cookbook has been recognized by Rachel Ray and has been featured in her magazine and on her website. To purchase Rockin Recipes For Autism go to

You can listen to Kenny on Florida Man Radio 105.5 FM and 660 AM weeknights with G-Love on Real Talk with G-Love and Kenny "The Rocker" Wilkerson from 7-8PM.

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