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PURPOSE with Stephanie (Full Episode)

In this PURPOSE episode Stephanie explains how fear has played a role in her life. Growing up in Baltimore she had an interest in becoming a film director and getting involved in the casting process. She started out going to Stevenson University to study film she then switched to publishing realizing that in order to pursue her film career she would have to make a move to New York or California at the time. She has been living in Baltimore, Maryland working in the administrative field for the past 30 years. Currently she is working in the medical field and is ready to make some moves in order to finally live the life SHE deserves. She will be moving to Florida in the next year and will be revisiting her film & TV passion, as well as taking the steps to open up a boutique to create a clothing line and sell vintage style clothing. This video was shot over a year ago, although not complete I felt it gave a different perspective on PURPOSE and needed to be seen. Thank you Stephanie for being so honest and brave in sharing your story!

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