If you are born an entrepreneur you have that certain fire in your heart that tells you you are not like every one else. You want more out of life then following the crowd or obeying your families wishes. You often feel like you don't fit in, or think like everyone else. You have a firey passion for something or feel a great need to make this world a better place. You aren't sure how or why you feel this way but are determined to find a way to make it happen! There is no pretending or settling into a "comfortable" life. You are always wanting to learn more, do more and be more. Yet there is no easy route you will struggle, feel unsure of yourself, have doubt or worry, fall to criticism but all of that is part of the process. For some it will be harder then others. You have to decide that no matter what life throws at you, you will succeed and push through to the end whether it be changing directions, taking a step back and regroup or push through the chaos. Many settle for money, being comfortable, taking the easy road, life circumstances or it's just too hard but in the end it's up to you. Do you want to follow the road or create a NEW one! There may come a time when you create something feeling as if you are moving in the right direction only for it to be taken away in an instant. Although devastating you have to choose to rebuild and find another way! In the end you have to surround yourself with people who encourage NOT discourage. Look out for those people who are as excited about your dream as you are. You get one life, why not make it an exciting story to tell!